“How is it possible that I have everything I ever wanted when I was younger, and yet I am so desperately unhappy and unfulfilled?” she asked me.

“Last Monday, I came home from work in the evening. Mark tried to kiss me and tell me he loved me but I didn’t even want him near me and pushed him away.

Then my 5-year old came running over to say hi because he was happy to see me. Instead of giving him a hug, I snapped at him and told him to be quiet and go to his room. He started crying and ran upstairs.

I know I shouldn’t be acting this way towards my family who loves me, but I keep doing it and I feel like I have no control.

Then I feel guilty and angry towards myself for not appreciating what I have. They haven’t done anything to deserve this.

Even though I have this amazing family who loves me, and a stable well-paying job, I constantly feel like my life is slipping away and I’m not enjoying or appreciating any of it.”

Lisa had what she had always wanted in some sense.

And yet, when I first met her, she felt like her life was stagnant.

Like she was just going through the motions…

And that her life was slowly but surely slipping away, without any meaning, fulfillment, or passion…

Her husband, Mark, was a good man and helped support the family. Yet the marriage felt dead and was missing any sort of passion or spark–it had felt like that for years. She wondered if there was some way to revive this, or if she should leave him.

She loved her kids but would get angry and act out frequently towards them and then feel bad about herself afterward for doing so. She wanted to stop doing this, but she felt like she had no control and it kept getting worse.

Her job for a large corporation (big retail store) just served as a paycheck, and she felt no connection to the work or to the mission of the company. She felt like the company was using her, and that her talents were being wasted on something meaningless.

Lisa was feeling a lot of guilt about her lack of satisfaction with her life despite having everything that she thought she wanted.

As well as anger and resentment towards herself and the rest of her family which would manifest in her acting out.

Worst of all she had essentially lost hope that things would ever improve…

She was seeking hope. Seeking a path forward which would help her find fulfillment, happiness, joy, and passion in her life.

The way she always thought she would feel once she got married, had kids, and a well-paying job.

Maybe you’ve felt this way in the past…Or feel this way now?

You’re wondering if your situation will ever change…

If you CAN change…

If you even deserve to change…

If you deserve happiness, joy, passion, and fulfillment in your life…

If so, you’re like most of my clients when I first meet them. Please don’t give up – there is a path forward!

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Most likely your dissatisfaction with life in the present stems from past traumas that have yet to be healed.

Once these traumas are fully explored and processed, it will enable you to make the necessary mental and physical shifts and changes to find what you are looking for.

Then the pieces fall into place like serendipity.

Sometimes extreme changes are necessary. However, more often I find that simple and subtle changes, internally and externally, are all that is required to get you there.

In fact, after working with Lisa for a few short months, taking her through my unique process of identifying and healing past trauma, she made tremendous progress:

  • She realized that the anger toward her kids and husband stemmed from resentment and anger she had toward her parents, from her childhood. Resentment that she was now taking this out on her kids.
  • Also, that she was always making decisions and doing things for others and never for herself.
  • Through our work, she was able to come to a place of understanding, self-love, and move past the resentment toward her parents.
  • Then she started making more decisions about taking more time for herself. This led to a much-improved mood on a daily basis as well as the removal of anger and resentment towards her kids and husband.
  • She also left the job she hated and started her own web design business in which she could express her creativity. She could finally do something that she enjoyed and connected to, rather than just stick with something safe.
  • She found the confidence to take a chance and believe in herself enough to quit her job and start the business.
  • Overall, she finally found the meaning, fulfillment, and passion she had been looking for in her life.
  • And her relationship with her husband and her kids improved dramatically because of this.

The reality is that everyone has past traumas that are unresolved.

Yours may not be as obvious as Lisa’s, or you may think they are not important or meaningful.

OR you may think you have already dealt with these traumas.

OR you may even be afraid to delve into the past and would prefer to ignore it.

But in my experience, we ALL have work to do; particularly if we are unhappy or unfulfilled with our current life.

Fortunately, this means that to solve the problems in YOUR life, you don’t have to take any extreme actions (like moving to India and leaving all your worldly possessions behind!)

You simply need to be open-minded, willing, and motivated to change, and to take the time to go through a healing process with someone who has the skill set to help you.

I’ve personally helped Lisa and many others achieve these types of transformations.

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IMAGINE waking-up in 6-months and experiencing the feeling of deep contentment, meaning, and passion that Lisa now experiences on a daily basis!

Imagine feeling and knowing that you are finally living the life that you were always meant to live.

OR imagine instead that your life is exactly the same in six months as it is now. Or the same in 1-year. Or in 5-years…

That you never find the sense of purpose and meaning you are looking for.

That you never find passion in your life and every day still feels like a chore.

That you never find a sense of peace from healing your past pain.

Don’t let your life pass you by.

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