My Process

“How is it possible that I have everything I ever wanted when I was younger, and yet I am so desperately unhappy and unfulfilled?” she asked me.

“Last Monday, I came home from work in the evening. Mark tried to kiss me and tell me he loved me but I didn’t even want him near me and pushed him away.

Then my 5-year old came running over to say hi because he was happy to see me, and instead of giving him a hug, I snapped at him and told him to be quiet and go to his room. He started crying and ran upstairs.

About Me

My life has been focused around spirituality and religion since I was very young. I was adopted when I was a baby and grew up in a conservative Christian Caucasian family. I rebelled against the God from my childhood in my early adult life and eventually circled back to spirituality as an energy worker and life coach. I have been practicing meditation for most of my adult life and have been counseling others for over 20 years. I am an avid learner of Eastern religious philosophy and live my life practicing bhakti-yoga. I have a Masters in Transpersonal (i.e. Spiritual) Psychology and am also an IT engineer for a Fortune 500 company. This has helped me bring a balance of both left and right-brained perspectives to the process of healing emotional pain. I am fascinated by metaphysics and the non-physical realm, and I believe that emotional healing is most effective when approached from the perspective of the soul. After all, you are a soul having a temporary human experience.

My Approach

Individually tailored

My work with clients varies depending on what is present for the session. Most of my clients are navigating the sources of their anger, resentments, and anxiety. The patterns of your current relationships, with partners or friends, are an indication of the belief patterns that got set in childhood. Working with your Inner Child will reveal the beliefs you incorporated which are coloring choices in your current life.

Follow-up and Support

I maintain a small client load so that I can provide adequate follow-up support and check-in’s. I am focused on building a solid relationship with you to help navigate any challenges that come up between sessions. As you gain awareness of your psychological patterns, you will be able to more effectively navigate ‘real world’ problems as they arise.

Experience based

I have a Masters in Transpersonal (i.e. Spiritual) Psychology and have been practicing meditation and counseling since 2013. I am certified in multiple energy healing modalities, both as a practitioner and an instructor, and incorporate alternative tools and exercises in my sessions. In my 20 years of counseling others, what I have found to be most effective for clients is to understand where trauma or pain is being held, and why. This sets the stage for creating a different healing outcome in your adult life.


  • M.A. Spiritual Psychology
  • Soul Contracts Instructor & Practitioner
  • ThetaHealing Instructor & Practitioner
  • Reiki Master
  • Human Design Analyst


Counseling & Energy Work
Home Energy Clearings
Inner Child Healing
Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

How It Works

Set Intentions

Let’s chat together to see if we’re a good fit! Initial consultations are free and give us both a chance to feel what it would be like to work together. If you could wave a magic wand, what would you want to change in your life? By approaching these intentions with raw honesty and vulnerability, we can create shifts in your consciousness that will lay the groundwork for a happier way of being.

Ideal Client

My ideal client is someone who is not afraid to seek out the root cause of their suffering. I find that most challenges in life funnel down to a few core issues, primarily stemming from childhood experiences that shape our beliefs and programs. Most of my clients are navigating abusive upbringings with alcoholic or drug-addicted parents, where they were forced into ‘adult’ independence at a very young age. Much of my work focuses on the Inner Child, which gives voice to the emotional turmoil that seeds a lot of your relationship patterns as an adult.

The Session

Sessions can be done over the phone or Zoom video call, based on your preference. I incorporate a lot of alternative exercises in accessing the psyche, which demonstrates how you have all of the answers within you. Using brief meditative exercises and giving a voice to various aspects of your Self, I help guide you in navigating the narratives which dominate your inner reality.


I was trained in Transpersonal (i.e. Spiritual) Psychology, which is based on the premise that we are not just the body. Rather, we have a soul that exists eternally, and our lives on this planet are but a blip in our soul’s history. I help you bring resolution to the challenges you face in this lifetime, from the perspective of God, your soul, or energetic interference that keeps you seeded in negative patterns and beliefs. My work with clients is focused on identifying emotional trauma which has molded your communication and interpersonal relationship patterns.

I have tried many different energy healing modalities myself, as a client, and I have found the energy work I do to be more effective and permanent in its effects. My technique does not mirror any mainstream energy healing technique, such as Reiki or ThetaHealing. Rather, it’s a technique that allows me to bring awareness to “soul patterns” or limiting beliefs that you carry from previous lives. These patterns can keep you tied to people who are not healthy for you, as well as keep you stuck in patterns and relationships that stunt your personal and spiritual growth. With my training in transpersonal psychology, I assist you in accessing suppressed parts of the psyche which can subsequently facilitate great shifts in your emotional well-being.

The effectiveness of transpersonal counseling or energy work does not require you to subscribe to a belief in God or to my concept of Divinity. However, my approach to healing is based upon the notion that we are a soul having a brief human experience. Anxiety, fear, sadness, or hopelessness are all signs of unhealed pain that you are still carrying, which keeps you from living the life you want to live. My primary concern is how to help you heal from these experiences.

I am not a licensed psychotherapist, and do not prescribe any medication. I do work with clients who are on prescription medication, but I will never make recommendations or diagnoses related to medication.

Each session is 50 minutes long. I do not require any additional commitment beyond one session. Clients generally work with me either once a week or every other week. My long-term clients do not have a set schedule but instead schedule time when they come up against a new challenge that triggers something unfamiliar. There are many layers that can be looked at when healing emotional pain. I believe that our suffering in life is all interconnected to a few core “root causes” from our early formative years.

My rate is $80/session for phone/zoom calls and $100/session for in-person. Each session is 50 minutes. I do not work with any insurance providers. I have limited time slots available, so I have a 48-hr cancellation policy.

Everyone has multi-faceted layers when it comes to healing, and the duration of our work together depends on how much time you are willing to invest in yourself. I believe everyone has the ability to find the answers within themselves, when given effective learning tools. My intention is to give you tools you can use outside of our sessions, to help you navigate new challenges on your own.

You do not have to commit to any number of sessions. My ideal client is one who is yearning for change in your life, and willing to bring awareness to patterns and beliefs that may come from your childhood, beliefs, or relationships. I have a limited number of hours available each week for clients, and I am desiring to only work with those who are seeking deep and immediate shifts in their lives.

Those who are not interested in improving their lives or healing their past trauma. My schedule does not allow me to accept all clients who seek my services. I do not work with those who are only seeking intuitive (i.e. psychic) readings or those who want to know only about past life experiences. My work with each client varies depending on the client’s intentions. Sessions unfold organically as we work with your Inner Child. I listen very carefully to your phrasing and underlying emotions, which then gives me an idea of what would be beneficial for us to focus on. Thus, it is critical that clients are willing to be vulnerable and honest with their present challenges.

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